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Toni Hasson - Senior Certified Pilates Instructor

It is our birth right being totally healthy, loved, supported and fulfilled in ALL areas of our lives. Happiness, delight and expansion, I believe, aren't privileges, rather the reasons for us being born. 

These beliefs guide me as I live and as I teach. 

I am a professional classical, modern and contemporary ballet dancer, a Pilates, dance and fitness teacher with a life time of performance experience and 19 years of teaching experience in Tel Aviv, NYC, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, California. 

I have taught people in all levels of fitness and most ages (3 to 85 yrs old), pregnant women, athletes, injured and disabled individuals and dancers. I have taught Pilates, classical ballet, Spinning, aerobics, conditioning, modern/ contemporary dance, choreography and water aerobics in one-on-one sessions and in groups. 

I teach body awareness and exploration, posture correction, alignment, balance and stretching. I've been fortunate in helping people to tone and strengthen their body, lose weight and manage, prevent, ease and often solve back, neck, knee pain and excessive tension throughout the body. 

I teach people to acknowledge these miracles called our body and mind and keep educating, expanding & celebrating these miracles. 

Bring your curiosity!