Suzanne_HeadshotSuzanne B. Ryan - Senior Pilates Instructor

Suzanne B. Ryan welcomes you to join her in exploring the wonders of a method of exercise created by Joseph H. Pilates. In her sessions, she shares the logic of the movements, working with you to achieve a flow from the traditional repertoire. This mind-body discipline includes modifications and props to tailor the training and accommodate a variety of body needs. Suzanne likes to vary the exercises, but follows the basic building blocks of flexion, extension, side work, and strength work. She wants you to have fun and learn as you develop muscle tone, balance, and a generalized sense of well-being. Read what Suzanne's clients are saying.

Suzanne grew up in Vermont in a very athletic household that embraced a diversity of exercise: She loved ballet (even with pigeon-toed feet), the rush of skiing down a snow-covered mountain, the whack of a field hockey ball, and the adrenalin of competitive swimming. Her parents’ household was also very academic: Suzanne earned a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Chicago, after a liberal arts education that included some dance theory, Japanese studies and politics. Life intervenes, and Berkeley becomes her home—one that includes a professorial spouse, two girls, dogs and a very old bird.

Thanks to the urging of her Atlanta-based sister and a well-timed New Year’s resolution, Suzanne discovered Pilates in her mid-forties. From her first “Hundred”, she loved it (although she was initially mystified by Pilates breathing). Suzanne “went after” Pilates in the manner of an academic: She attended classes (lots of them), asked questions, gathered materials, sampled different instructor’s work, read extensively, practiced, and sought out individualized tutoring.

Suzanne began an intensive study of the Pilates mat repertoire with Amy Bruckmeier and Jennifer Moulton of Studio 74 Pilates. Similar to the first generation of Pilates learners, Suzanne became Jennifer’s formal apprentice when she began a one-on-one course of study that included anatomy, mat technique & repertoire. Certified in the Mat Practice & General Principles of Pilates in Spring 2007, she began regularly teaching Pilates mat classes at the Berkeley Ballet Theatre and the Downtown Berkeley YMCA. In August 2009, Suzanne completed her complete Pilates Teacher Training program. She trained under Lisa Graham of Agile Monkey in Santa Cruz and Amy Bruckmeier, who follow a program from a leader in the industry, Balanced Body. Pilates is a life-long educational process—like a liberal arts education.

During Suzanne’s sessions, you will learn through dynamic action the main principles of Pilates: breath, control, precision, opposition, flow of movement, centering, and stability. With these principles and regular practice, the restoration of the body to a place of balance is achievable: gain healthy postural alignment (banish slouching), strengthen the core (think abs), relieve overworked muscles (ahhh), refine spinal mobility and embrace a generalized sense of well-being (feel good). Please join her in creating your own Pilates adventure.